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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 27th April 2024

Another day where the weather forecasters could not agree on how the day would pan out. And on the latest forecast last night, it suggested only the first sailing would go. So, only the first sailing went, as I have to work from the forecast. My pleasure to welcome aboard Sean, for his first BIF adventure, and returnee's Mark, Ryan and Lee.

Quite a slow session, with half of it in a gentle Easterly breeze forcing us to cast up the tide, which isnt my preferred approach. But fish were there with just enough action to keep that "it will be this cast" feeling. That is very important, as it keeps slow fishing above the zone that could be called "fecking boring".

Fifteen was the final tally landed for our three hour jaunt around the rocks. Early season, green water, and all the bass already in the marina which suggests transparent sandeel fry are now also upon us, I wasn't too unhappy, other than sizes could have been better.

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