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Brighton Inshore Fishing... Catch report 25th March 2018

After yesterdays amazing experience, which of course I had relayed to all of this days customers the previous evening, there was definitely an air of confidence hanging over BIF1 as we went through the safety advises. Harry, Garry and Paul were all chomping at the bit. And with much flatter seas than the previous morning, we got out a lot quicker, at a nice 26 knots. A really lovely, fresh ride, to ensure my clients were wide awake when we arrived at the mark.

I kitted two rods out with Arctic eels, and two rods out with HTO Frolics. We had the mark to ourselves, and began the drifts with the expectation of a fox invited into the hen house. But of course, that would be too much generosity from Neptune. It never got to the fevered pace of the day prior.

There was plenty of action though. First session saw two nice codling landed. 2nd session, where we swapped Paul for Ian and Lionel, saw four. And all the time lost fish (and a couple of times we suspected dropped squid) and chunky pouting for backup. But there wasnt the amount of bait around. Neither were the gannets diving in the background, as they had been the previous day. Simply a less fishy day. 2nd session was also hampered by an anchored vessel, which is the price we pay for fishing on a perfect Sunday. A lot of private craft around. Interestingly, they were fishing squid baits for cod, and not catching any. I really think it is all about the lures, with fish obsessed coddies. If you must fish bait, go fish the beach the night before and get a bucket of rockling. All todays cod were disgourging them.

By the time of the third session, there were a mutlitude of craft on the mark. All drifting, but alas, some with engines running. On a mark that is less than 45 feet deep, this does seem to have an impact. On the sounder, I could see the fish had moved well off the main spot, behaviour they had not displayed the previous day. Im pretty certain vessels were the reason. Hopefully it should be a lot quieter tomorrow. Sadly, Al and Charlie had only pouting. Lionel saved the session with a single codling, again hooked well clear of the main spot, bringing the total for the day to 7. Very poor compared to Saturday. Still amazing compared to the cod fishing the past five or six years...

I still have one rod available for both 0700 and 1130 sailings (0645 and 1115 meets) 07970 112774 to get on board .

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