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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch Report 26th March 2018

A great day wind wise for both sailing and having the pick of the marks, but sadly, both sailings were a bit of a struggle. The cod spot produced, and cod family, but no coddies, although first drop down a side hooked chunker pouting did make me think it was going to be another codfest. Lots of action, lots of fish, but all pouting. A bounce around other marks showed them barren other than some big balls of herring or spratt pushing through. No sign of predators. The sea had cleared enough to prospect a couple of more inshore rough spots, but nothing doing there either. It can all change on a tide however, so dont get too gloomy. On the last sailing we tried a couple of drifts for plaice on isomes, which did produce two of the target species, so at least something. And I am 90 percent sure my guy Lionel was briefly attached to a cod, with his reel screaming and rod bent in the characteristic way these super fit fishes play. But the rod sprang back after 30 seconds, with perhaps the only coddie of the day somehow managing to get off his HTO Frolic. A rare event... Weather has shut us down now, but there is some optimism for weekend sailings, so if your easter plans arent made, keep a close eye on our facebook page for short notice announcements.

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