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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 18th May 2024

First sailing, I did something I rarely do. With the forecast for being heavy rain, the tidal state the last hours of a tiny flood, and the seas thick with green algae, I gave the guys the option to re-schedule the session. On considering the chances of it being a very poor trip the guys happily agreed, and we will see them in June. Which meant I had a lay in for a change, although it was for nothing as the first crack of light still springs me out of bed. Being in synch with the seasons is perhaps more restful in winter. We got going with the ebb tide in full swing on second sailing, with Chris, Martin, Mark and Scott.

Rot remained quite bad. The inshore spot wasnt so bad but a fraction of the bait going through there, although Scott nipped a schoolie out. The deeper spot once again had good numbers of fish on it, but for the rest of the trip, only Mark added to the tally with a further four small bass. A real grueller.

Which is why I gave the following sailing the option of re-scheduling. Two did, but Loz and Liam enjoy tough fishing and were up for it. Which was great, as that was exactly what I gave them. Just two small bass until the final 30 minutes, when I persuaded them to fish for plaice on lures. Five small plaice in the last minutes. A very hard day. So, I have cancelled tomorrow right?

Wrong. This evenings tide came in strong. A jump up in size and far more coefficient. Much cleaner water also. Had I run a fourth sailing, I would have been optimistic. So, it will have to wait for the morning. When two of my clients are... Loz and Liam....

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