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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 5th April 2018

Another Whitby day... Whitby? Well, another day of coalfish, codling and pouting... Just need a few inshore ling and we have the kind of fishing Whitby is famous for. However, it should all be Wrasse, bass and squid by now... Further head scratching stuff as well. After the amazing weekend of codling 2 weeks ago, on following trips I looked hard. and found zero. Today, I billed the trip as Jumbo pout and herring... and so....

Maybe it is the case, that codling will only show, when they have coalfish as bodyguards. Because the first interesting catch, after a few pouting, was Adly (the boat today had Asim, his lad Adly, Lee and frequent flyer Neil on board - a sell out on a Thursday in April - very happy with that) with the 2nd ever Coalfish to be landed on BIF1. Shortly afterwards, Lee's rod hooped over in a very familiar manner. I wasnt sure. Having had a few false hopes on previous trips with sideways hooked pouting. But this wasnt a pouting. The codling (cod?) weighed between 6.5 and 7lb on the swinging scales.

More pouting. No herrings today, despite seeing many shoals on the sounder. And then, Lee was into something clearly more lively than a pouting. The 3rd Coalfish ever to be landed on BIF1. Simply incredible. Was it this Coalfish, that triggered a 2nd cod to attack Adly's lure? Of course not... dont be soft... :)

Final tally for the 3 hour sailing on a distinctly bumpy sea, was 30 pouting, 2 codling, and those 2 amazing coalfish. Im very happy for that, with the current lack of summer species. And still I havent needed to turn to plaice, which was the reserve plan for todays session. Although its a very different Spring to the last one, I for one am quite enjoying it, as are my customers looking at the broad smiles all around today.

Forecast currently suggest potential Sailing Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and possibly even Wednesday and Thursday based on the current forecast. It is however, jumping around in that now very familiar way, like a frog in a sock. As always, latest availability is posted on our Brighton Inshore Fishing facebook page, or give me a call on 07970 112774

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