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Brighton Inshore Fishing Catch Report - 8th April 2018

Happy Ted

As a charter skipper, i have just one priority. Giving my anglers the best of the available fishing. And currently, with the super low inshore temperatures (although these are jumping up, we had 9 degrees today, a single degrees from the mystical 10 degrees that seems to have such an effect on so many predatory fishes) that means I keep returning to the coddie spot. If it doesnt produce cod, so it is usually good for jumbo pouting, and it is also a place I would expect to find the first bass. So, at the moment, it is the only place I am fishing.

Soaking wet fishyrob...

1st session, I had frequent flyer Ted on board. And also, a newcomer to BIF1, although not to Fishyrob shore guide, Chris. And that was it. We headed off in fairly heavy rain, which isnt so pleasant doing 28 knts in an open boat... But it certainly wakes you up, with the added benefit if it suddenly feeling like a heatwave when you finally come to a halt. The session went reasonably to plan, with chunky pouting quite happy to feed for the first hour. Then a codling to myself which rather focused us. And then, 20 minutes later, one for Ted. The last hour we were joined on the mark by other boats, and there was a noticeable shift in the fish, and less aggressive feeding behaviour. Something I have noticed a couple of times now. The mark is only 45 feet deep at the top of the tide, so not so surprising.

Ian and Colin. Plaice on Isomes.

2nd session, I had another newcomer to BIF, Colin, who was joined by frequent flyer Ian. Off we went again, in zero wind and zero rain. We gave it 30 minutes on some reef, with Ian prospecting for squid, whilst Colin and I ran smaller shads hoping for early bass, or even bream. But no joy. Off to the cod spot. A few boats around. One on an anchor but happily was laying down the side of the hot zone. Pouting were still fairly obliging, although even they petered out with an hour to go. So much so, I hit the fallback. Plaice. A couple of long drifts. A few missed, a couple caught. More importantly big smiles on the goodbye.

3rd session and a full boat. My Fuerteventura wing man Leigh was there, with his mate Nick. And brothers Steve and Craig, also BIF1 virgins... Straight out to the coddie mark, after going "awww" to a young bottlenosed dolphin just outside the marina entrance. The mark was now very busy. But even with tight drifts together, it is all very civil. Its actually quite nice to chat to other floatie anglers whilst running through. Not so good for the fishing though, which this session rather proved. It was a struggle to get two chunky pout for the pot. I called it, and we tried two patches of rock, for nothing. And then, onto the plaice. Happily these were more obliging, with a few caught before the end of the session. Not as good as I had hoped for, but another two codling to add to BIF1's now impressive tally. No coalfish today, despite running feathers for a while.

Brothers in arms...

Sold out first sailing tomorrow, but full availability for the rest of the day on a reasonable forecast. 07970 112774 to get on board.

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