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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 11th April 2018

Plaice on at sunrise...

Out at first light with Ashley, Keith and Charlie. First stop, right up on the beach to see if those big plaice were there. First drift, three plaice on board, although not the quality of the ones we had been catching prior. But suprisingly, the following drifts were not forthcoming. Tried the "middle ground" for nothing. Getting quite nervous after the previous days quite good fishing I headed out to the mussel beds,. This was a good move as once again, those feisty Gurnards were happy to hoover up the isomes, as were a few more plaice.

Ashley's first BIF fish

However, knowing how quickly it all can change, even within the relatively short time of 3 hours, I ran back up the beach, just to check. But today was not going to be the same. And so, happily we focused on the mussel beds for just enough action to keep smiles on faces, until it was time to return Ashley to port. Charlie and Keith headed off to the laughing dog cafe whilst I took advantage of the turnaround to re-fuel.

Gurnard for Ahsley

For the afternoon we took the long run (for us) to the coddie spot. And just off the marina, and encounter with a huge bottle nosed dolphin. Thats two now we have seen in a week... "Dolphin tours" anyone? On the coddie spot, a few pouting, but the tide was pushing us through hard. After a few drifts, I suggested we go check out some rock.whilst the full force of the tide was racing. Any tide now, we will see the tell tail marks of scad, bass and whitebait on these rough patches, so, we have to look. And there was one patch of fish that was tucked behind a nice ridge in true bassy fashion. But shads were ignored.

Keith with a cracker

Back to the coddie spot, where the pout were more obliging, including a couple nearing 2lb. And one possible dropped cod. Not enough action to engage us deeply though, and Charlie really wanted to try for a squid. Keith too was curious. We tried two spots where they are reliable when around in numbers, but no takes. So, for the last half hour we topped up on Gurnards and plaice. Not an amazing day, but a special day, simply for being summer like and dolphin tainted. Smiles all round. Happy skipper!!

Charlie getting in on it

All sailings available tomorrow on a great forecast and a better tide. 07970 112774 to get on board.

Dave, off the starboard bow

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