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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch Report 14th April 2018

First cod of the session for Stuart

I think there was something going on this afternoon I was not aware of. For some reason, busy first and second sailings, but an empty boat for 3rd on a great forecast with a lot of fish about??... This would not be unusual though. I tend to be very fish focused when I am working, and it had also slipped my attention that somehow, we have a new cold war happening. There was some banter on the boat about the Grand National. Something to do with horses?? But would that keep an angler from the fish? Maybe Kylie Minogue was playing for free in town or something...

One for me...

First sailing I had frequent flyer Stuart on board, accompanied by BIF1 newbies Adam and Cyprian. And I had a plan... that involved cod... My thoughts were, to fish a bit of rough ground for a coddie, then try for a plaice, and end up on the gurnard. Things didnt quite go to plan though. A bit too much tide on the coddie spot, so we dragged for plaice. I think the final tally was 13, but only two thick enough to enter the fish wells.

Couldnt find those bigger plaice today...

The Gurnard fishing was very good though. Both on isomes, and on HTO MIghty minnows. It kept us entertained until the final 30 minutes, when I suggested we go look for a cod again to finish up. Good call. The tide had eased back, and five minutes later Stuart was hooped over into the unmistakable banging line screaming fight of a tidy cod on 30gm gear. Result!! Followed five minutes later by my own rod finding its twin. A few pout and that was the first sailing. And the posting of the coddies bought another two clients for the final sailing!! Double result.

But big Tub Gurnards were very happy to be tricked by rubber, latex and starch

Second sailing and a full boat. Long time client Paul was in town for a performance with his band. Its called the "Royal Philharmonic Orchestra". Must try and catch them if they ever play in "Concorde 2"...Paul is a mad keen angler, but had bought his friend and colleague Jason along for the trip. Frequent flyer Guy was on board, and also BIF1 newbie Eddie. Eddie really wanted a cod, and that is where we went first. However, the new ebb tide was ripping through, and despite a few goes with some 75gm Frolics which did tap the bottom, the pout were not showing on the sounder. So, we went to play plaice and gurnards, returning to the rough spot for a coddie at the end of the session. Mirror of the first except, no coddies... Fish of this trip, for me, was actually a fairly hooked very small sole on the isome...

Sole on Isome.. a first for BIF1

Third sailing and two frequent flyers, Garry and James. We did a bit of everything really. We journeyed down to the other coddie spot. We tried for squid on the low tide slack. Viz was amazing. One spot, in thirty feet of water, I could clearly make out the rock below. In 20 feet, fine detail. Big pout, Big gurnards, small plaice... and then, for the last 30 minutes back on the cod spot. It looked good, the pout were there. The breeze eased back to allow a true West to East drift on the young flood tide. The only thing missing were the cod. But all in all, a really great days fishing. Devoid of herring and spratt shoals again interestingly.

Thats us shut down by the weather now for a few days by the looks of things. Taking bookings for Thursday 19th April through to the Sunday, based on the currently dreamy forecast. We have all been here before though I hasten to point out... 07970 112774 to get on board....

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