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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 15th April 2018

Brolly having fun

With the forecast for winds touching 30 mph forecast, all sailings were off. I would like to say "to my shock I found the winds light when I awoke". But it isnt a shock. It seems to be part of a trend in modern forecasting. I am beginning to suspect whomever does the weather modelling has been got to by P.E.T.A . "Stop them fishing at all costs..." Basically it was, and even as I type this as the big winds were supposed to be receding, still is, perfect sailing weather.

Happily one of my clients today had not taken cancelled as anything other than "so fishing from the shore then". Always an option if you have your boat trip cancelled. I was shore guiding in this area long before I was skippering a boat. Which happily meant he was to be sailing, and it was just him and me. I have know Brolly for a lot of years now. His occasional visits to the outlaws often lead to a shore based trip with myself. And now he was experiencing BIF1 for the first time. While his wife ran the Brighton Marathon. Just a 3 hour trip.

We began with a few drifts for cod. But the signs I have been reading that suggest cod are at home were not there. We dragged for plaice. Nope... We jigged and dragged for Gurnard. Nope... That last one shocked me. They have been so reliable. We went out to some rock to prospect for the first bass.. I caught a gurnard...

We came back in to the gurnard spot, and finally I found a localised patch of them. Both 30gm HTO frolics and isomes doing the business. The 30gm Boogie in silver also performing. I was very relieved as it had been suprisingly slow for the first two hours. And that is how the session finished. Lovely to see Brolly again. We also ran through some techniques using surface lures so he is prepared for his new season back in his Welsh homelands.

Sailing Thursday onwards... looks like warm weather coming as well. 07970 112774 if you want to get on board.

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