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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 7th May 2018

Shame it hadnt fed up...

With no takers for the first sailing, despite my feeling after the previous days exploits it was going to go well, it was very hard to force myself up and out on time to go and see if I could prove myself correct. Part of the reason I big up my projected outcomes. It makes me try and prove them. And this morning went rather well. The bass shoal I had encountered the previous evening, had moved, despite the state of tide being very similar to the previous evening. And it took me a while to find them. Partly, because a lot of the technique to get good bass hauls is absolute quiet. You have to remember, you are effectively driving a bus to a wild creature forty feet away. And you want them to feed, rather than scatter or go tight lipped with fear. The only way to do it is creep. And set the drift up way in advance of where you expect the fish to be. I set up my drift, roll a cigarette, and drain the dregs of my "Piggies" coffee before I flip a line overboard. I want the fish to think I am a collection of dead weed as I come into the field of their sensors. Not a jaccuzzi on the move at 20 knots.

Bass attack...

This worked well once I finally found the fish. "Sussex Warrior" and "Rough Diamond" arrived, and I communicated my findings rather than watch them smash across the shoal. And it worked. Everyone caught fish, despite the tide already dying. I managed six. One around 6lb, one around 3lb, the rest smalls. That was fine. I was mainly checking for my evening session, and more and more boats began to come out to play. Time to go for coffee and my 09:30 sailing, the very glamorous couple, Twiddle and Hannah.

Twiddle off the mark.

I offered the bass, but the guys were all about the pot. So, with the new tide only just creeping in, we went to search for bream and squid. Squid we found, but Bream not. Big garfish were a happy substitute. And with the tide building, it was time to head far from the crowds to a plaice drag to the East. Where we spent most of the rest of the session. The plaice were just about having it enough to keep interest. But poor Hannah. She was getting quite frustrated that Twiddle was getting far more action. She need not have worried. Neptune likes happy hearts. She caught the biggest of the day, around the 2.5lb mark, which made her very happy indeed. It was a really lovely morning, and with no takers for the afternoon session, we pushed on just for the joy of it. But as the tide dropped away, so did our prospects. So despite a few tries very close inshore as the may rot has cleared a lot, nothing much doing. Time for some shore leave.

Hannah's first plaice... and she was peckish...

I got a message from my 17:30 sailing. Ben. "Im at Piggies. Got here early". I so knew Marky was keen in a similar vain so chanced a call to him on his mobile. "Where are you Mark?" I enquired. "At piggies" he replied. "Look over your shoulder and say hi to Ben. I'll be there in fifteen minutes."... We cleared the jetty ahead of schedule, with Damien, Marky's brother also on board. and this trip was going to be all about the bass.

Best plaice of the day. She worked really hard for it as well.

Again they were tricky to find, but when we did, all rods went over. But then they would scatter. and we would have to find them again. They became smaller pockets of fish, a sure sign they had been harassed all day. But we trickled a steady stream whilst enjoying the most perfect sunset on a mirror calm sea. On returning to port, we had managed a further 16 bass, to 4lb, bringing the total for the day to 22. The only other species, a single wrasse which quite delighted Damien.

Wrasse make you smile...

Last sailing tomorrow highly recommended, as is first sailing Wednesday if Bass are your thing. Middle sailings tomorrow for foodies. Likely only a 2nd sailing on Wednesday if there is interest, based on the current forecast. Again likely to be good for foodies. 07970 112774 to get on board.

Best fish of the evening session

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