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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 9th May 2018

Schoolie for Richard...

The only bright thing to report from this mornings trip, is that my only client was a really interesting guy. So the three rather boring hours spent not catching much at all were still a pleasure, and worth getting up for. I of course finished the session feeling bad. But Im not sure I could have done much more. We spent two hours in the company of the shoal of bass I am keeping tabs on. Seemed to be feeding as well, but Richard did well to extract the three schoolies he did. Then we went, via a couple of quick drifts on other patches of rocks, onto the plaice. Even these were not really playing ball. Certainly not as ravenous as the previous day. Just two smalls for 45 minutes of dragging. I was quite relieved when the three hours were finally up. I hate being a charter skipper when the fish wont open their mouths.

First fish of the year from "Brighton Bay".

After saying farewell to Richard, and his empty fish cool bag, I slurped a Piggies coffee, and munched a piggies steak baguette, and headed back out. The wind was freshening, but I was determined to check around the near marks for bass shoals. The may rot, dying more quickly now, was held in a tidal stream off the main beach, so I prospected in "Brighton bay". And I found what looked like a shoal of bass, confirmed by a 2lb fish nailing the mighty minnow. Happy with that, I slammed out into an ever bigger sea to try the rock marks again. But the same problem. The wind stiff, the last of a very small ebb tide weak, the boat actually being blown against the tide. Doesnt make for very natural presentation.

Weekend sailings are 50/50 at the moment. Monday currently looking excellent, although 1st 2 sailings sold out. I am thinking the wind the next couple of days could finally see the end of the may rot, and with bigger tides, the prospects are very good indeed. 07970 112774. to get on board. Sunday 3rd sailing is specifically plaice orientated.

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