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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 12th May 2018

Probably fish of the day. A huge one..

Four sailings today. Typical, with the weather being dismal. 1st sailing I had Ben back on board, and a pair of Johns which made my usual issue of forgetting names vanish happily. However, the fishing was well below par. We hit a few lumps of rock, but the only things caught from them was two big garfish. I couldnt find any good marks anywhere, so for the last hour we dragged for plaice. Just two smalls. Very upsetting.

2nd sailing was a lot better. It incorporated the beginning of the ebb, and the ebb tide brings the only shoal of bass I have become intimate so far this season into my sights. And they did not disappoint. We managed 13 in two hours, with the best two only nudging the three pound mark. Plus a bonus wrasse. Then Achmed and Michael wanted something for the pot. For the last hour I flew around all my best plaice spots, for just a single missed take.

3rd sailing was the reverse. Billed as a plaice session, it bought together Marky, Damien and Daniele. Two hours for nothing. Then I suggested, with still a whisper of ebb, we try the bass. They agreed and four bass and a gurnard later, the session ended.

4th sailing was worse than the 1st. Garry and Bill endured constant rain, a chilly West wind, and zero fish. A monster squid off some rock. And then nothing at all. A drag for plaice saw a small gurnard landed, and a decent plaice drop off. And that, was the 12th May. Terrible weather (other than good wind) and few fish around. The rest of the charter fleet had the same story. Small plaice, dabs, pin whiting and not a lot else.

One sailing with availability tomorrow at 1630 (1615 meet) if you too want to see if the fishing is poor. However, every tide is different. 07970 112774 to get on board.

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