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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 27th May 2018

Im claiming fish of the day...

I had been looking forward to the first sailing for a while. Clinton was coming, with his amazing lad Ceri (pronounced Kerry) and his friend from way back in SA, Amy. Ceri is a really cool kid. He has a thought process like no other kid I have met. He absorbs information, and processes it, at a very high level. Even to the point, that he has his own method for risk assessment.

First fish (and all the fish - Pheremone effect) to Amy

When we first headed out, he wasnt so comfortable with the speed boat ride. I have seen this before. Some kids just giggle their heads off, others are really quite nervous. As a kid that was terrified of water when I was small, I can completely understand this. But because it was Ceri, instead of slowing down, or saying "there there", I simply told him the history of the design of the Pirate hull. "It was taken from the E-boat. A boat used in the war, to attack at high speed, in all weathers". He processed, and was I think much happier. And it helped that Amy was there to re-assure him he wasnt about to bounce out of the boat.

Even the plaicing was tough... except for Amy of course...

The fishing itself was terrible. A theme that continued through the day. The request was simple. "We just need something for the bbq" said Clinton. "shouldnt be a problem" I replied. Well, I was wrong. It was a big problem. The total for the morning, was one scraper plaice, one smaller plaice, and a couple of small gurnards. However, I do feel other things were achieved. We never stopped laughing and joking, which I have to say is very easy when hanging with Afrikaaners, as my base Essex humour is perhaps more readily accepted than by my more gentile friends in my adoptive county of East Sussex...

Kate had the only mackerel of the day...

2nd sailing, and it was a full boat. Robert was there for his second play on BIF1, and had bought his delightful daughter, Kate. A trainee doctor no less. Always handy should a hook go somewhere it should not. And Marky and Damien were out once more. And again, the fishing was dire. We did manage a mackerel. and some gurnards but I was not recommending we extend when the time was up. I did make the decision in my mind though, to cancel all future bookings until I am happy the may rot has receded enough for better catches to resume.

Grey Gurnard for Katerin

3rd sailing was my fun. My beautiful friend Katerina was once more aboard, and I currently have staying with me my old old friend Selene. Of course, not old in years. Well, certainly not quite as old in year as me. On a nostalgia trip from her now life in Florida, it is my honor to host her until her departure from Gatwick on Tuesday morning. So, of course, she needed to see what BIF1 was all about...

I love my job...

The fishing was again terrible. With two exceptions. Katerina caught a really pretty Grey gurnard. And I managed a first for BIF1 on a lure. A thornback ray on an Isome. Another fun trip, we came in with the first chilly air on sunset.

Currently, I am not announcing any sailings. I will be out there, but until I feel there is consistent sport worth paying for, I will not be taking clients. I do feel we are nearly through the green seas though. And the fish should be very hungry when it has gone.

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