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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 1st June 2018

A bass showing infection after some net or predator encounter

After finding some nice clear water, albeit a window in a big carpet of green, the previous day, and some nice plaice fishing within it, I was happy to call sailings on once more. Just Lee and Bradley for 1st sailing today, and I must admit it still didnt live up to standards. Small gurnards, small plaice, a single diseased bass, (Brad actually had a very good bass on and the line snapped for really no good reason,.. real shame as it was a proper fish) and some very big pout, wrasse, plus a single mackerel, and a HUGE cuttlefish that was netted dying off the surface. Just enough action to prevent boredom, but I am so so missing my PROPER inshore fishing... Another observation was that everything is far more coppery for living in green water for over a month.... As I type this however, the first SW breeze since the 2nd May is blowing... A busy boat tomorrow... and in the words of Joe Cocker... "Who knows... what tomorrow brings... In a world, few bass survive...." Well, I heard a whisper that was his original take but apparently his record label insisted he drop the political statement about the bass fishery and go down the path more traveled and put some slush in there...,.

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