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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch Report 3rd June 2018

Bruce with fish of the day

First and second sailings today were in the company of a couple of jolly chef's no less. So I did feel an element of pressure to find things for food for these guys to take back up to London town with them. I did the standard "whatever we catch, you will catch tenfold more when the water is not green" routine, and we got into it. We actually had a great mix of species, although not especially many of any particular one. A few plaice (happily one cracker around the 3lb mark) a couple of mackerel, some big pout, a half decent gurnard. And most importantly, a reasonable fish bag to take up the road, and a couple of bass returned. It could have gone worse, considering how much gloop is still around.

Bass for Steve

3rd sailing did get worse, considerably. Quite suprising, as I found a nice hole in the gloop which was also over one of my better plaice marks, which is what Marky and Damo wanted the most. So of course, what you want, you cant find. We finished that session with just small gurnards and one small bass to Damo.

Grey Gurnard

Final sailing, and I had my business partner Bruce out with us, and old frined Nigel, and his very fishing mad (it was always going to happen) Sam with him. Fishing was slightly better, with Sam catching his very first bass, and another first for BIF1, the bass was caught on an isome whilst drifiting for plaice. And then, when we went fishing for bass, Bruce nailed fish of the day, another ray on BIF1, this time a male Undulate, that nailed a red headed, white bodies fiish minnow. Not a first actually, as I had an undulate last year on an HTO Arctic eel, but still quite a touch, and a higlight of a pretty slow day.

Very colourful tub gurnard for Steve

Sailing Wedensday throught to Sunday at least based on the current forecast. 07970 112774 to get on board.

Wrasse for Julian

Belter plaice to yours truly...

Another pretty tub for Marky

Bass for Damo

Proper plaice for Nigel

First bass for Sam

Bass and oily seas for Nigel...

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