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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 11th June 2018

Fish of the day for frequent flyer James

Today was a very good day. But I didnt wake up thinking today was a very good day. I woke up full of nerves that perhaps I should have cancelled today. After a run of bad results on sailings with stiff NE winds it was bothering me. Perfectly safe, but out on the rocks, pushed along on the ebb way too fast to work anything but shads ahead of the boat. The trip was a gamble, that hinged on more fish being on the inshore marks, now the rot had cleared. Shallower water is much easier to fish when the boat is being pushed along, and also the closer in, the less effect the wind has. So why didnt I cancel? Well, I had Sydney folk coming on board...

Nathan with his first English bass.

Why that is significant, and why I love antipodean folk so much, needs perhaps to be explained. Back in the day, when I was a city slicker, I quickly learned the best way to a good night was to befriend the bar staff in the city bars. Because when the pubs closed down for the night, and all the suits were scurrying for the last train, the real parties in bizarre places began. And if the bar staff liked you, you got invited. Kiwi's, Ozzies and Afrikaaners, party nicely. And know where the cheapest beer lives. I remember some monumental parties at "The church" in kings cross, on a Sunday morning... followed by far less memory at the after party in "The slug and lettuce" at the Angel. I liked them so much, I even dated one. Robyn her name was. We briefly lived together, until I discovered she was also enjoying the head chef a little too much. I always wondered why she was never hungry... She left owing me a tenner. And that was a long time ago. With compound interest that might be worth collecting. Anyone in Perth know a Robyn? She is likely to have ugly kids. The chef was very good with food, but, to be fair, he was pretty damn ugly. Never did work that one out. Although she did like her food...

Kayleigh in on the bass action.

I digress. Quite a lot. So, basically, in memory of some of the best times in my life, I wanted our visitors to have an awesome day. Would the gamble pay off? I went through the safety drill with Mitch, Nathan, Kayleigh (siblings!) and Ryan and we were on our way. There was only one spot I wanted to be on, although I did think I spotted a shoal of fish quite close to the marina. We began our fishing. Initially, shads fired ahead of the boat, whilst I got a feel for how the wind was affecting the drift. Nowhere near as badly as I thought it might, as it turned out, and I was able to get the guys frolicking also.

The first fish hooked turned out to be the biggest fish of the session perhaps, although a couple of the wrasse were likely similar weight. No beasts caught, but a steady stream of bass, wrasse, mackerel, one garfish, one black bream that sadly slipped the hook at the surface (although my ozzies were new generation - everything back to the water.) And as I washed down BIF1, I felt, it was a very good day. And I was very much looking forward to popping out for a mullet on the fly.

Thats when the phone rang... "Yeah, were fishing on the west arm. Nothing doing. You in? We'll come say hello and steal a tea". Brothers James and Cameron. "Be quick" I said. "Im off mulleting". I pondered as they arrived if they really want to go out on the boat. I asked the question as they served me the tea they made (it can get like that at Fishyrob HQ). "not sure" said James. "Check these pictures out" and I showed him the adventures of the Sydney folk. Some conversation then happened but I was distracted. "Yeah, I want a wrasse" is all I heard from Cameron. Suddenly, I was unbuttoning BIF1 once more...

The wind had got even stronger. We headed West once more, but after about an hour, I was a bit worried about how the new flood might kick the sea up after yesterdays bumpy ride home, and with the targets already ticked, with a cracking wrasse for Cameron, plus bass for James, I suggested we head back closer to the marina in case it got heavy. No objections, so we moved back in. We actually tried east side for a short while, but not many marks. West side, more marks, and with the new flood partly countering the boat speed, a chance for a plaice drift, with two gurnards to James, and a plaice to Cameron, all very close up the beach. Then with the new flood really getting moving, back on a bass drift, where a further three fish came up, topped by a quality fish for James. Which made him a happy man. Which made me a happy charter skipper... 2 spaces available on Wednesday 0930 sailing - 07970 112774 to get on board...

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