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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 21st June 2018

Fish of the day going to Steve... Thornback no less... White XL isome...

Just two sailings, as the best I could do was get BIF1 back in the water before midday, after her service had been taken care of. Donovan, Steve and John;s first sailing. New to BIF1, but regular anglers on the marina. I had no idea what we were sailing into either, which is not a feeling I enjoy. But with the tide with a bit of pace on, we agreed to play with bass, and with these guys staying on board for 2nd sailing, we would make 2nd sailing more about fishing for the pot.

This wasnt a terrible plan, and bass were happy to play, albeit small bass. But for these guys, new to the light lines, the smiles were awesome. They were clearly having a ball. Which lifted me, and a lifted me steps up the banter. A good day was happening...

For final sailing, David joined us. David fished a bit of a grueller during the may rot, with his boys. I was happy he might come and see how it all fishes without the rot. And the fishing was ok. Plaice and mackerel satisfying the foodies. And yet another thornback ray on an isome.. A pattern is developing... the thornbacks like the isomes,,, the undulates the shads... Steve being the lucky captor. And another BIF1 first, a spider crab, fairly hooked... Great banter with a great crew. A great day.

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