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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 2nd July 2018

Fish of the day.. 2lb 12oz ON THE FLY!!

With the strong NE wind not being quite as strong as forecast, although I had cancelled the mornings sailings, I felt it would be a good opportunity to get some more practice lure and fly fishing from anchor. I invited my very good friend John along to assist, I warned him the conditions were not conducive to big bags of fish, and that I would very much like him to fly fish (he is way more experienced in flicking the fluff than myself) and still he was keen to have a go. I am very happy he did as well.

That sole...

With the West arm of the marina giving some lee from the vicious NE wind, we really could only play in Brighton bay. I took the boat across one of my regular pieces of inshore rock, and watched until the sonar showed clean sand. I pushed on another 30 yards, and then stopped the boat, and dropped the hook. I payed out all the chain, and then slipped the rope until we were hanging right over where the rock met the sand. To the down tide, clear sand. To the uptide, heavy rock.

The #10 getting a work out from the big plaice

We began. John using one of the boats two #10 outfits, with 7dpi shooting heads. Me, on the HTO Mighty Minnows. And the first hour was pretty much all mine, while John played with different approaches for presenting the fly. I had five or six quality bass, between 2 and 3lb. The fishing inshore currently is exactly how I like it. Less fish, but much bigger. Real rod benders and reel screamers.

Then John stumbled across something. Indeed, it was much later, when in the shower, the significance of what he had achieved hit me. And I think I know why. Also, from thinking in the shower. Whatever it is about the shower, that allows you to switch off and recall, should be replicated in a hat. Indeed, should be replicated in a fishing hat. What a hat that would be..,. Im not revaling the why, coz I still need to check out loads about it. And currently, with an awesome forecast but a lack of bookings, seems I am going to have plenty of opportunity to do just that... based on the current forecast, I think sailings are likely all the way through next week.

So what had John stumbled upon... Well, it seems an awesome, and possibly irresistible way of presenting a fly to flatfish. The first clue, was when he said "Fish on"... and then said "weed I think". I expected a rock, as the weed was fairly bending the rod. But the real reason was a sole, hooked in the anus. But a soles anus is right by its head (tough being a sole) and we reasoned it was not impossible, that the fish had been interested. Next cast, John said "Fish on". This time there clearly was a fish on, the #10 being frequently doubled as a fish tried for the bottom. But it didnt look like a bass. "Maybe its a bass and you are leading it in?" I offered. The truth soon revealed itself. 2lb 12oz of plaice, fairly hooked on the small deceiver. And a whole world of questions. Partly answered by that shower experience you currently cannot purchase in a hat...

The Captains Beard

The wind increased significantly, and with the strongest part of the flood tide to come, it was time to go, before the wind over tide effect made things uncomfortable. Plus I had another charter to attend to. So I said farewell to John, removed the rods to the car, and deep cleaned the boat. As my next charter was none other than "The captains beard", a local folk and pirate band, who were working in conjunction with the music college "WATER BEAR" in producing promotional material. Me? Sadly, they didnt want me in uniform. I was simply the bus driver. But the lads, and the technical crew, were great fun to work for. I laughed a lot. If anyone likes the video, these guys are playing in "THE GLOBE" n Brighton on Friday night.

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