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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report Saturday 7th July 2018

So crap... here is SEASCAPE OF THE DAY instead of fish of the day...

Fishing is a very cyclic thing. Cycles affect every aspect of the sea. If you read this blog avidly, you will begin to spot them yourself from the way the catches grow, burst, dwindle, and very occasionally, vanish completely. We havent experienced that on BIF1 so far, but I remember tides when I was training on "Scooby" where fish simply were not touched, despite good clarity.

What cycles? All sorts. Grifters... BMX's... nah... not really. Just kidding. Badly. (...thats a pun, not a joke... would say my friend Jon Cremer. If he wasnt smashing stripers on the fly in the states...) But Im trying to work out how open I feel about this days fishing and Im playing for time. Snag is, the whole BIF1 gig is about transparency and honesty. So. Here it is. Today, the fishing was CRAP!!! Nothing wanted to play. A few chunky schoolies to ensure no blankers on board. But the plaice would have it. Even the mackerel were scarce. And with a busy boat ahead, it hurt. No matter how much I hunted, and changed tact, it was simply not a fishy tide. Skipers around the world will know the feeling I feel asleep with.

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