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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 22nd July 2018

Another glorious morning, and again joined by Mark and Damien, and also frequent flyer Garry. It was always going to be a morning for surface lures, and so it was. Really first class fishing. Bass and all other predators homing in on huge shoals of whitebait, ever bigger with the daily calm seas. A really fishy morning. A cracking bonus wrasse for Damien also.

Which is why I had really high hopes for the 2nd session. Some very good anglers on board. A total blank. You could have knoced me down with a feather. Except I dont keep any feathers on board. But really, I tried everything. After such a fishy morning, it had all run through. A crushing example of how rarely two three hour sessions are the same.

3rd sailing was one of rock and roll. A stiff SW breeze had come up, which left us no options other than hide in the lee of the east arm of the marina. At least on this session we did find fish,but with more options, I am sure we could have found more. The fishy factor had crept up. Jon, Ben and Richard I think were all quite happy to step off after a very bouncy three hours. Sadly, I had no option but to cancel the final sailing.

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