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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 26th July 2018

Another stunning morning... Calm seas, and some cloud cover. Perfect state of tide. Fish exactly where I expected them to be, and good rod skills on board. What could possible go wrong? Well, nothing as it turned out. The beginning of the best day's bass fishing so far this season on BIF1. Again, with few customers to enjoy it, sadly.

One who happily was aboard, was James. I say happily, as he has endured a few lean sessions this year. So he was very due enjoying a red letter morning, as this was to turn out to be. Surface lures very much the order of the day, although sub surface shallow runners such as the Hart X3 pencil also scoring well. Fly poppers drove them nuts, although the saltwater skippers I use didnt seem to be big enough to really get attention. I have since remedied that with an order of Fulling Mill Nylar Skippers on a size 2/0. Itching to get them out there.

2nd sailing I took my friend John out. Again, the fishing continued to be hot. Sadly, John was on a time limit, with other responsibilities awaiting him, so 3rd and final session, I took myself off. I followed some birds and found myself on some amazing ground, that despite being close to the marina, somehow I had never mapped out before. From 20 feet up to ten feet over low. Thats quite a feature for our patch. And boy, was it fish filled. At one point, I landed three 4lb fish in three casts. With nobody to share it with, which made me a little sad.

Final sailing, Mark was back on board. With his weekend slot looking unlikely on the forecast, he needed to squeeze in his fix. I think he landed 8 fish, with some quality fish among them, and an equally quality sunset to boot.

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