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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 5th August 2018

When fish of the day is a sea-scape, prepare for non-exciting fishing report...

Back out with just Stan for the 1st sailing. And the sailing was all about bass on the fly. Until perhaps the 3rd or 4th cast of the morning. Double hauling #10 gear (which Stan was doing magnificently it has to be said. I do not know Stan, but instantly I recognized I had a seriously competent salt water fly angler on board) generates quite immense energy, and the combination of this energy at full stretch back, and then a tiny roll on the boat from an insignificant swell, saw Stan in pain in the shoulder. I think I will recommend some kind of warm up exercises in future, as this clearly could happen again. No different from athletes. If they didn't stretch before bolting off the blocks, many would not make the end of the race.

This did not help Stan so much though, as the damage had, quite literally been done. There was only one thing to do. Swap to lure rods (always carried even just to give fly fishers a break from flicking the fluff from time to time) and I would cast, for Stan to retrieve. Despite putting on a brave face, Stan was clearly hurting. But a fisherman does what a fisherman needs to do, and the combination saw him able to reach the end of the session. And this time, with fish too!!! If anything, I think the events saw a really good level of teamwork. Other than the pain, for myself, a satisfying session. I hope you mend swiftly Stan, and return before the fly season is done.

75gm of metal... Amazing...

Afternoon sailing was last sailing also, I needed to be back for some real life obligations. And sadly, the struggle theme returned. Mark, Damo and Garry were the happy crew. These guys seem to find themselves fishing together frequently and a nice dynamic has developed. small bream for some variety, as one of the missions was to persuade the bream onto the HTO stinkpots, which we managed with some success. Whilst I am ashore (wind) I will work out some better rigs, but its re-assuring that the bream are once more eating them, as attempts earlier in the season met with zero results. Now to find where the bigger ones are hiding...

Overall, the fishing this weekend was below par. Simply no numbers of worthwhile bass inshore. However, things change on a single tide. As events were to reveal...

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