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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 9th August 2018

Just Ashley on board, for the little window before more wind comes to mess it all up again. A disgustingly wet, cold session, that caught both of us by suprise. Happily I carry a few spare clothing items on board BIF1 that got us through, but a real shock after recent temperatures. Winter IS coming...

Fishing though was pretty good. Started on some reefs a little further off, as viz wasnt great inshore. Fish were there, and feeding, which gave us some quite nice sport at times. When the spot went quiet on the first of the ebb, I popped back in close to check out a couple of spots that have been producing. Fish were there, but viz was reducing the lures ability to be eaten. A move to another reef closer to Brighton produced the final fish, of around 4lb. A total of 8 fish we landed, with half being 3lb +, plus a single gurnard to Ashley. On return, our hands were freezing, tingly in a way I didnt feel since early May. I am writing this after literally leaving the boat as is, to come home and get warm. I will go pack her away when the rain stops... and then off to an outdoor shop in town, to sort out some proper waterproof clothing. Never found satisfaction with anglings own products though, sadly. To be properly waterproof, you need quality Gortex, and quality Gortex, is not cheap.

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