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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 26th September 2018 - CAT 28

Fish of the day for Mark once again... weighed in the kitchen 7lb 5oz.

Just two sailings today, with the first one being Jeremy (a very lovely man whom I guided on plaice from the shore in 2011) and of course Mark, who is making the most of the combination of a week off work plus viable sailing weather. And also, a rare visit from my BIF partner Captain Bruce, who managed to finally steal a few hours for himself, away from the world of rock n roll n education... Plan was to hunt bass for the 1st hour and a half, and then spend the next hour and a half on the best part of the tide for cod, at one quite specific and small mark.

And thats pretty much how it came together. Although the initial bassing wasnt so impressive, lacking in both numbers and size. The codding was a classic though. There were a couple of other boats drifting around the mark, and another anchored on a gnarly bit a couple of hundred yards to the south. I set up for a drift appropriate to where I have found the cod to be on that part of the tide. First drop down, and Mark managed a nice fish of around 4lb. I bumped something good. Jeremy bumped something good... A smug grin crept across my face. I crept round and lined up the same drift. Again Mark. And a cracking fish (weighed later before cutting up at 7lb 5oz) that really did a great job of stubborn resistance.

Capt Bruce in his happy space...

Lining up for the next drift, wish some nice marks showing as I went around, it was of course, too good to be true. A large maroon hulled Arvour has spotted the gathering, and came into join the fun. Normally not a problem. But when they came in at about 15 knots, and effectively emergency stopped in the middle of the mark. Excellent way to move on a shoal of anything with fins in a 40' deep sea. We tried another couple of drifts, but I could see the marks had moved on. I took a punt and tried to follow them.

The mark I hoped they might have gone to was a rocky spot less than half a mile away. To cover all bets, we tried both vertical jigging and casting, the casting in case bass were in residence. Which of course they were. Some much better quality fish than before, so we enjoyed those to the end of the session.

Returning to port, and Eggs Benedict with latte (latte in a cup, obviously..) and then, after losing Jeremy but gaining Damo, we were off again. The scatter effect suggested that everybody was a loser after we left, as the spot was again free of boats. Might the fish have regrouped? I lined up the magic drift. This time, I didn't bump, and a 4lb touch fish was mine.We went through some more, but it was now quite late in the ebb for this spot anyhow, as previous experience suggests they mosey on somewhere else. I took a gamble, and headed a fair way to the west.

Here more disappointment. Some big pout, but no cod. Mackerel, but not in the plague proportions of the previous day. And time slipping. I proposed we close with a blast of fast and furious bass action, on 1.5lb fish. Everyone was happy to try. Not all so small though. Bruce has one around 3lb And then, the sun was down, and we had to come back in. A good day, and a further 3 cod added to the CAT total.

Just one space remaining on the 1100 sailing tomorrow. Friday unlikely with the wind, but Saturday and Sunday both looking viable now, with some spaces. 07970 112774 to get one of those spaces.

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