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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 29th September 2018 - C.A.T. 30

1st sailing on what was to be a fairly tough day, and a re-union of a crew from my shore guiding days. It was a real pleasure to have Henry, Mark, Richie and Paul back to play. Banter was good, codding very hard. Bassing much more reasonable with plenty of smalls around, but bigger fish more scarce. Best fish of the session went to Richie, but overall, as I waved them goodbye as their three hours being sped around various marks on BIF1, I felt there should have been more fishy action.

I always adjust according to what has happened, although sometimes the very same marks that were devoid of fish will come alive even just a few hours later. 2nd sailing this time I had one of my many James on board, as well as frequent flyer Jon and his dad Keith. Again, really nice folk with really nice banter, but again, pretty tough going to be fair. Stacks of mackerel around on all the marks, and in part, this would affect the fishing, as when our HTO Arctic eels are being smashed around in the mid water by huge shoals of mackerel, its not getting down to where the predators are waiting below.

The struggle theme continued on 3rd sailing, our with Mark and Damo, enjoying the last moments of their week long fishing break, plus another client I have worked for over quite a few years now, Mark. One wee codling came up, to take us to C. A. T. 30, but apart from one better bass, mostly smalls creating the action. Indeed, the best bit of the day, was the amazing pinkness looking east, created by the setting sun.

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