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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 4th October 2018 - C.A.T 32

Just two sailings today, which was just as well as the first sailing would almost certainly have been curtailed by fog. First sailing I had fly rodder Jon on board, as well as JP. Mark was booked in for two sailings, and Brian was checking out BIF1 for the first time. Sea conditions were perfect, clarity was perfect, light conditions were perfect, and we kicked out with me full of wetherspoons breakfast and coffee. Could life get any better?

Well... yes to be fair. Or perhaps I'm getting too egotistic as a result of my recent cessation of tobacco. Really this time, and forever. Personal reasons not for blogging. I am deffo feeling it though. And people I am most comfortable with are getting it. I find myself very incapable of processing what my ego considers stupid questions from people I expect to just go with my judgement. Happily, the people I am most comfortable with are also the people that understand my twisted slant on existence the most. And they keep coming back. So, I'm hoping that its all going the right way.

We began really well. On doing my "demo" routine on how I like the HTO mighty minnows to be worked, I was able to hand Brian not just a rod, but a rod with a schoolie kicking away at it. I had deliberately headed to a spot which I knew would be heaving with small fish on the last hour of the ebb. My mistake, was to say "we can either stay here and have lots of takes, or go looking for table fish...". Table fish won. But limited to sub 25' of water by having a fly rodder on board, I couldnt do my trick of "if there is nothing inshore, head offshore". We burned significant fuel roaring along every one of my tight inshore marks for bass, with very little other than schoolies.

I managed a wrasse, but it simply wasnt happening west. I flew East. Here, more schoolies. But a first for me. For some reason, known only to cod, I have never had one east of the marina from the boat. Well, today that changed, with one in a spot that actually really has massive potential for them. Only small, and returned, it fired me up to check the area better next time I have the boat to myself.

First sailing finished with no food fish. Fly fisher Jon, and Jp departed. Brian, wanted more, which suprised me as the first session was not what I considered great fishing. We charged up at Piggies (coffee's and steak baguettes all round) where we were joined by another John, an ice sculptor no less. Now I was fired up to play on the more offshore rocks. Mostly for coddies, but happy for bass should we bump into them.

And thats how it played out. No coddies, despite best efforts. However, one of the coddie spots had basses instead. So, we enjoyed those. When I say we, really I meant John. Whilst the rest of us had mackerel, or schoolies, John wapped three nice ones out in fairly quick succession. Excellent angling. A big pouting added to the tally. But, a reflection of the time of year. The session, which I would have happily overrun, as I was enjoying it very much, was ended by sunset, which is the time I have to return to conform with my licence. A very enjoyable day for me, if tempered by too many smaller fish.

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