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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 5th October 2018 - C.A.T. 34

Just two sailings today. We began a full boat, with Armando, Joseph, David and Shane on board. Quite a simple plan. Hunt for a coddie and catch some table bass... So easy, right? Well, the coddie plan went quite well, with one for David, and a good fish, that almost certainly had made good its escape from a tangle net recently looking at the marks on the fish. So on to the bass...

Bass we found, but very small bass. Some mackerel around, which Armondo was happy for. But table bass... really not there inshore, except one 45cm fish, which came up surrounded by lots of its siblings.

2nd sailing, we had lost Armando to the real world. And we were supposed to lose Shane and Joseph as well. Except for the fact, that I think they had too much fun, and with just David scheduled to go out, I had the space, so after a piggies coffee and steak baguette, we decided to look for mackerel, table bass and finish off on cod. This went far more to plan, with table bass for all who wanted them (45 cm fish), mackerel galore, and then, in the last hour of fishing, that cod magnet David was back at it, with the sister fish to his first...

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