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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 18th October 2018 - C.A.T. 43

Cod Accumulative Total didnt move today, because it simply wasn't codding weather. A brisk North Easterly wind meant the only options were to focus on bass, and stay tight into the edges, out of the worst of the wind. Not because of swell, more because, to fish efficiently with shads, the all important contact is lost with slacks caused by side winds, or by the boat being pushed across the tide. But it suits the bass fishing just now. There is an ever building amount of anchovy being harangued very close to Brighton just now. Not so uncommon at this time of year, and my great delight as a shore guide.

As a boat guide, well, it is a double edged sword. Huge numbers of bass abound, but to extract quality fish from among them, is very difficult indeed. Quality fish are there, but the small jump in so fast, they rarely get a look in. It is a game of attrition. And then, every now and then, a better fish shows. Thats pretty much how David, his grandson James, and another regular Ben found the fishing to be, first sailing. Happily, some table fish. And a hell of a lot of 35-40cm fish. A lot of fun, but I did actively try to avoid them, and find better fish. To no avail. Wherever we found fish, this was the size. James was especially happy with his twenty four fish, in a catch that exceeded fifty.

2nd sailing, and two more regulars. Jon and Assim. Both chilled and relaxed people, both with burning desire to hook fish. Jon on the fly, Assim on the HTO nebula flinging the HTO mighty minnow. With the wind even stronger now, I was restricted to two reefs. But hey, they were swarming. Final tally was way in excess of 70 fish. Assim had nailed 37 or 39 (cant quite remember) by himself. Making a 120 plus bass day. Great fun, but tomorrow, kinder winds bring cod back onto the menu. Probably split each session in half.

Sold out all spaces until Monday now. But with the Northerly air stream looking as it will continue into next week, plenty of spaces available. 07970 112774 to reserve one.

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