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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore fishing - catch report 26th November 2018

Just a single sailing today, after sadly having to cancel Sunday sailings, as the wind was just too much and just too east in its orientation. Joined by Andy, Stuart and Martyn, it was straight down west to get back on that bass shoal. En route, we encountered a huge shoal, of what must have been herring. There is a lot of spratt and herring around suddenly. I counted one raft of perhaps 30 cormorants working together, which is something we very rarely see on the inshore.

With all this food of course comes predators. The bass fishing was highly productive today, with over 40 fish landed, some returned for being too big, and a table fish for each of my anglers. But the other main event of the day, apart from a stunning looking ballan wrasse for Martyn., and a single big mackerel, were the squid which were very happy to feed once more as the light went. We finished the session hunting the squid, and 16 were quickly captured. A great time of year for all you budding chef's to be afloat with me. Sadly however, I cannot see a single sailing in the next seven days. As always, keep an eye on our facebook page @brightoninshorefishing for latest sailings as they are announced.

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