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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 1st January 2019

Another single sailing, the first of a brand new year. So of course I take this opportunity to wish all friends, and clients, of my tin-pot operation, a very happy new year. The passing of time is a fascinating thing for me. I made my fiftieth year in 2018. I feel the quickening, and there is a whole lot of fishing I still feel the need to drill down on. A hundred techniques and places that need fine tuning. I intend to crack many of these this year. BIF1 is only just finding her place in the scheme of things. I hope to further polish my product for your delectation and delight...

Back to the fishing. A full boat, with Mark, Damo, Jon and David on board. All of them are lure addicts, and I think none of them were too expectant. The 1st of January never really produces too much in Sussex, other than flounders in the river. Which is why we were all very happy to find once again a big pile of bass and bait on the first mark. We again fished them until the tide took them to places unknown. Too choppy to head onto the pouting mark, we then headed inshore on a herring hunt.

Moderately successful, as we fished the wind also moderated, and we were able to go check out another bass spot about 2 miles out. Bingo once more... So much so, that for the final hour, we returned to the first mark. Although the bulk of the cod are likely offshore spawning ( and I actually know one spot where they do this, although it is way out of my licenced range) I noticed from previous years diary entries that there are still the odd ones to be had inshore. Not today though. No more bass either. I finished the day drifiting a very rocky spot, where we did finally add some pouting to the species count. Another very productive day, with four vibrant happy anglers walking off BIF1 at the end of the session. May they long continue. Indeed, the weather forecast is currently excellent for sailing even beyond this coming weekend. high pressure is dominating. Its suddenly like the summer all over again, with every day a sail day. Just need to persuade you guys to wrap very warm, and come enjoy it with me. Lots of spaces - 07970 112774 to get on board...

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