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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 6th January 2019

Two sailings today. First one, out with regulars Mark and Damo, and new to BIF1 Dan. After the previous quiet tide, I was a bit anxious. But it was obvious it was again a fishy day, with instant bait shoals on the sounder as we left the marina and endless gannets cruising around looking for opportunity.

First spot, and into fish straight away. Herrings, small bass and whiting. Moving on, 2nd spot where I had expected to find some bigger bass, but nothing, other than the odd whiting. We kept on the hunt, moving further west. The highlight was heading for a fairly inshore reef, to look for wrasse, where we found... Wrasse... Four chunky ones, and a first for Dan. I think their dogged determination to return to the rocks when hooked really grabbed his imagination.

Jumbo pout added to the mix, although not so jumbo as expected. No mackerel on the hooks, although I did suspect a couple of the more peppery marks might have been some still hanging around. Water temperature has begun to drop again, not making it over 9 degrees all day inshore. I have absolutely no idea if this is linked. Certainly doesnt seem to be with cod as we caught the first ones in 24 degree water back in August. But perhaps with mackerel it is different.

2nd sailing, I had Al, Don, John and Steve out. We went through the same routines, but now, the fish had all moved about... No bass or herring on the first mark. 2nd mark was now much better, but small bass and better whiting. moving around, no wrasse on the wrasse spot, jumbo pout had got bigger on the jumbo pout spot, and I was struggling everywhere else I looked to even find fish shoals. A big contrast. But salvaged really, by simply doing the last hour on the one good spot. And it turned out very good for me. I hooked something weird on the HTO mighty minnow. I am normally very good at predicting what is on the end of a line, from a zillion hours of catching fishes. This one was different. Probably because I havent caught one even close to this big since I was a teenager fishing on Southend Pier in Essex. But this one was bigger. 2lb 10 oz of prime Sussex whiting. It made me smile...

Sailing Thursday and Friday this week if there is interest. It is cold, but the sun compensates well, and there are definitely worthwhile fishes to be had still. 07970 112774 if you fancy some clean midwinter air in your lungs. But do wrap very warm...

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