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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 20th March 2019

Two sailings today, and just one angler on each. First, Armando, who was quite happy to fish for plaice. Which I was very happy about, after yesterdays fishless shadding shenanigans. So, we plaiced. Took a little while to find them, but when we did find a patch, I stuck like glue to them, not wishing to stop the rods from bending. However, the common theme of the plaice for us today was small, with a couple of exceptions in the afternoon, that of course, got away. But action enough, and eventually the cold greyness that had inflicted itself onto the first two hours, receded to allow some much needed warm sunshine through. Not a terrible session, perhaps 8 plaice returned.

2nd sailing I decided to do everything different, and head East for a change, to some banks I havent fished since last year. On board I had Simon, who had endured a real grueller a few weeks back. I was keen not to repeat the experience. But the move East was a good call. Nice clean ground, and well over a dozen plaice, although with just 2 for the table only. I did hook two stonkers, but both pulled out (not uncommon fishing isomes) on the way up. But they could have been good gurnard. Because the excellent news is this is where the big gurnards I have been praying for have been hiding. Heads up you foodies... the time is now... 7 table sized fish, and just one wee one. Which was very wee indeed. And before any of you think "no... not gurnards, they are cute"... check out what was thrown up in the livebait well... Think how many more rays will live to see your bluey/squid wraps...

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