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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 26th March 2019

Damo, Mark, and return of one of my Lee's (strangely the other one wanted on as well, but I was sold out...) were joined by my old mucker Andy, and we headed straight to... the cod ground... Sailing on dead low, once I had managed to spoil my own mood by dropping my Samsung S8 in the water, I thought we would check out the cod spot on the first push of flood, about the only time I havent had a look so far this year. Sadly, no coddies. Just a couple of smallish gurnards. Time for the main event.

East, to some fairly close sandbanks, and one particular concentration of fish that continues to impress. We landed well over 60, mostly big, tub gurnards in the morning session. I kept suggesting we go look for bass. They kept saying things like "bollocks"...

A bit of a mirror day as well. We went in for lunch, swapped Lee for newcomer to BIF1 CJ, and came out to a stiff SW seabreeze. Uncomfortable, and wet and cold out to the mark (I guess perhaps I shouldnt do 20 knots in it, but personally, I find the spray makes me feel that little bit more alive...). It stayed like that until it was time to come in. Slightly less hectic over the top of the tide, we still managed 40 + gurnards, and a dozen place. Pretty good stats for 3 hour sessions.

One space available in the morning, 2 in the afternoon. If you fancy it, 0745 and 1215 meeting times... Hoping my new sim card hastily sorted this evening will kick in any time now, so try 07970 112774 else find ROBIN HOWARD on facebook and drop me a PM... Im the one with a grey muttley..

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