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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 28th March 2019

With just Mark and Damo booked on for first sailing, it was an opportunity to leave the ever popular gurnards alone for a session and focus on the serious matter of looking for a spring cod. With a nice catch coming up recently over towards the isle of wight, I still believe any moment we will see them inshore on our rockier marks.

First cod spot, Gurnards and squid... Then, I suggested a bass spot on the way to the next cod spot. Mark was keen, but not rewarded, unlike Damo and I who both captured fish that, Monday onwards would have qualified for the plate. Onto the next cod spot. Here, pouting galore, but no cod or signs of cod.

We finished the session on a determined plaice hunt. We found them, both on Beast bank and further inshore, but nothing to get too excited about. Then, in for lunch.

On the afternoon sailing, we were joined by Dan and James. Both were keen for gurnard action, so with the tide now flooding, we headed out to the banks. Here, the gurnard were showing, with plenty of table fish. No 4lb plus fish today though. It didnt matter. The look on James and Dan's faces when hooking even a 2lb gurnard, said it was a good call. Interspersed with the odd plaice, and starfish...

Once there were enough gunnies in the wells to satisfy food requirements we went back on the plaice hunt. Inshore, very few smalls. Next spot, also slow, although I did manage to nick a mackerel from a respectable shoal that passed through. Next next spot, was back on beast bank. And finally it lived up to its name. Four very good plaice, biggest to Dan at a little of 51cm and weighed ashore at spot on 3lb. Happy days, and very happy customers disembarking from BIF1 at the marina. I must admit, this, my 3rd year as a charter skipper, is a very different year to last years beast from the east affected fishing. Its really really worth a trip just now. Especially if you like eating fish. A single spot on Saturday afternoon's sailing is still available should you wish to find out for yourself. 07970 112774 to get on board.

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