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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 30th March 2019

A fairly mirrored couple of sessions to the previous day. Damo had finished his tour of duty, choosing instead to follow the Seagull's fortunes. The seagulls are apparently Brighton's football club. Strange, coz I thought the seagulls were those fecking abnoxious shite hawks that crap on my boat every night... Replacing him were father and son Keith and Sam, plus Bradley, all BIF1 returnee's..

Gurnards were again the main event, although having noticed them decreasing in size on the usual spots, I had elected to fish a bank a couple of miles West, as we had found the odd better one whilst hunting big plaice. Perhaps they were drifting westwards. And that is exactly how it turned out. Not fast and furious, but some good sized fish coming aboard. Some quality plaice among the smalls , and enough tugs and takes to keep life interesting.

However, I always offer the chance to prospect for a coddie, and so we did. But the mark seemed quite devoid. Happy people jumping off BIF1 though, so mission accomplished on mirror calm seas.

2nd sailing, and Mark was joined by Jon and Bennie, and my very good friend Katarina. We took a couple of drifts on the cod mark, en route to a bass spot, where I must admit to being quite surprised to find no bass. Then back to beast bank, where big gurnards, and a nice mix of quality and small plaice kept things interesting.

As the tide died, we headed to another cod spot further west. Here we found plenty of big pouting, but no cod, although one fish of distinct bulk did briefly double Mark's rod over. With the new flood, back to beast bank, where, among further plaice and gurnards, a new species for BIF1. We can now finally add BRILL to the list, taking an isome on the plaice rig, again to Marks rod. A fitting end to his Spring break aboard BIF1. And what weather he got on his and Damo's week off.

Looking like Thursday before sailing again, but I cant wait to get back out there. Bass season open by then, and more effort will be spent chasing silver. 07970 112774 if that sounds like your thing.

2nd sailing, and Jon and Bennie, joined

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