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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 8th April 2019

A very similar day again in many respects. First sailing i had regulars Garry and Armando on board, along with a man who had made the trip all the way down from my teenage stomping grounds in Essex, and making up the group was Tracey, who had tasted fishing and liked it, and wanted more. Off we headed...

We headed out to the bass mark, but it wasnt happening. A little wander around but not finding them. A try for plaice, also not rewarded. A more desperate try for plaice close inshore, and thankfully some reasonable action. No big fish, but big smiles and happy anglers.

2nd sailing, I had ice luge genius Jon and his lad Jordan joining Armando, and regular Dean. Off we headed. Back to look for bass. Here we had better luck, but nothing big sadly. Jordan nailed one though, his first on a lure. After a couple more drifts it became apparent we had moved the shoal on already. I thought I would take a punt on some closer reef's for the first time this year.

One came good, although the fish won the battle and managed to pull free. But it was a proper one, from a small shoal that marked up on the sounder. However, it was the only shoal we found. Back on the plaice close in. These were happy to play, although at a slower pace than the morning session. But again. I think everybody had a good time.

And the first day of a full 3 sailings, with regular brothers Jamie and Cameron joining Mark, who came straight from a doctors appointment to the boat. Off we went again... Out on the bass, which were briefly happening while we had some pace on the ebb. However, it didnt last long and then I have to say we struggled. With no current the plaice were picky despite several jumps around. We even tried squid but to no avail. However, on mirror calm seas even the slow plaice fishing was a pleasure. Another lovely day.

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