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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 13th April 2019

It was my absolute pleasure to have on board Dong, Won and GS on board, for a stupidly cold start. The temperatures being forced down by a brisk NE - E wind which was to control the schedule for the whole weekend. Basically, with few bass close inshore, and the wind restricting me to holding close, plaice was the order of the day.

And plaice we found. Im not sure I can find too many words to chat about plaice on lures. Ive written so much about them over the years. They are quite fussy, until they switch on when they are quite stupid. This means there are spells of tide where it is difficult to catch them, with lots being dropped en route to the boat. And other times when they hit so hard and inhale the isome. About 30 percent hit the metal frolic, usually at these aggressive times of the tide.

Big smiles, and happy crew leaving me. Next sailing, we headed out into slightly bouncier water. Within ten minutes, the wind had swung SE, and although not strong, blowing over a newly flooding tide the sea was nasty. Stuart and his daughter Talia happily agreed to return, and try again on the 1600 sailing, when the wind was due to swing back NE.

And that is how it happened. The wind had actually dropped quite a bit, seas reasonably flat, and should have been a beautiful evenings fishing. Except the cold. It was biting, in a way that only English cold is. I have fished in many much colder climates in the world, but I still find the English cold the most spiteful. Fishing was quite slow, but there were eight good eating fish in the wells by the end of the session, and several returned. A few whiting and a single tiny tub made up the species. But I think Mark, Stuart and Talia were all quietly happy to be returning to warm cars. Brutal.

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