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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 19th April 2019

The stiff NE wind that had been forecast, most certainly arrived. Mark and Damo were joined by my old mucker from the Essex wetlands, Chris. Drifting off the beach on the new flood was really the only option based on the conditions, although the wind was due to drop away from the beginning. Quite chilly as well initially.

Well, I cant really bang on too much about plaice fishing. They are great, but I think I have used that phrase too much lately. Pretty. Well, all fish are pretty in their own way. Tasty? Bit of a marmite fish really. Scrappy? Oh yeah. On the 35gm gear, they still amaze me. Did we catch? Loads. Well, I think we got to 23 caught, and with Chris off to party the rest of the weekend, and Damo and Mark not fans of eating plaice, all released.

Second sailing, Mark and Damo were joined by Nick and Caroline. Finally. Victims of far too much wind over the winter months. It was good to finally get them on board. The wind had now dropped considerably, and all bets were on. I headed for a bass spot, but veered off it as I spotted a local dive club had two ribs worth of divers going down. I went to a near sand bank, and we hit the plaice.

The plaice were there to be hit as well, but not so big as in the morning. Not quite so numerous either. After a while, and the divers having been away from where I wanted to be for half an hour. And there were the bass. And there were my crew getting into them happily. Not many. definitely not the stamp I expect here, but April bass in rot all the same. And most importantly, big smiles.

Back on the plaice after we moved the bass on with the disturbance. And more plaice followed, although it was a little slow. But by the end of the session, there were fresh fish heading back with a smiling Nick and Caroline. Third sailing, I had struggled to fill.. So when my friend Rose said she was in the marina with another friend Twydal, I suggested they come along to keep my client Garry company.

Probably the worst session in terms of fish. I went a long way west to see Rose get her first ever fish. A bass no less. Always a good omen. She also nailed a mackerel. More bass fell, and then it was off to the plaice. The plaice were feeding but playing hardball. I think Garry bumped four on the trot before success. However, you cant have Twydal and Rose on a boat without big smiles once again being the order of the session. All in all another good day.

More spaces available on the 1600 sailing tomorrow on a good forecast. A few still remaining Sunday and Monday also. 07970 112774 to get on board.

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