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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch reportt 21st April 2019

Full boat of regulars for first sailing, and a clear agenda of the target, and the venue. And it only came together!! This years target of less bass but bigger bass continuing, with some better fish among quality shcoolies. First two venues fished very well indeed. So well, that we only visited two venues. Armando had a good sized squid, Mark a good wrasse from a mark that it is not so usual to find them, but the rest of us had to put up with just bass...

2nd sailing, straight back to where we finished so well first sailing. But sadly, suddenly a yacht race was taking place right on top of the reef. Off we trundled further west. Good call. More bass, a squid for Guy who had replaced Jon on the otherwise unchanged boat, and more bass. A couple of lovely wrasse, again to Mark who seems to have a knack for them.

With half an hour to go, a sudden stiff SE wind sprung up. Our worst wind, and very capable of making the sea very uncomfrortable very quickly. So, we headed back to a mark close to the marina. One more bass for Guy, and it was time to finish.

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