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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 22nd May 2019

Having run away to the Czech republic (now officially Chechia but I, as well as the Czech nation, cant quite get my head around that... Change for no good reason...) for 8 days to escape the may rot and green seas, and having been sent photo's that suggested it had cleared, I have to say, I was excited to be back at work. Meeting Duncan, we headed out, to... GREEN SEAS... My whole world dropped back to one of reality. In my head, I had plans for surface lures... and all my regular inshore tricks. Snag is, they almost all rely on baitfish. And baitfish do not enjoy green seas.

The first session really did not change my slightly depressed frame of mind. Three hours of not a lot at all. A schoolie. Maybe two. One good wrasse to slightly lift the spirits. But a lot of fuel and time to find it. A few bangs and taps. But towards the end of the first session, I was trying to persuade Duncan to save his money, and return tomorrow. It really was that bad. A hop for plaice, one fish of about 4oz in 30 minutes. That's bad... "I just got one more spot to try" I said, very aware that he had traveled all the way from Shropshire to fish with me. Back on the shads.

"Fish on"... Ok.. one more drift and then we will kick it... "Fish on"... Ok... Lets go try one other spot... "Fish on".... By the time we decided to really knock it, four hours and perhaps a dozen fish to just shy of 5lb had gone by. And most importantly, almost a smile (He later admitted it takes a lot. We had the conversation over coffee after the session... I dont seem to set myself limits in my prying. Possibly not a good thing.. be warned... ) was on Duncans face. Which I was very pleased about after the toughness of the first three hours.

However, I did manage to persuade him to take the third session tomorrow morning. An early bath, I thought... quite an exciting prospect... until "BRRR BRRR" (not actually my real ring tone)... "Hello"... "Rob, its Mackie. Any spaces?"...

After a farewell coffee with Duncan, despite me warning him the fishing might not be all that, I was exiting the marina once more. And now, having been already fishing back to back for 7 straight hours, already the "feel" for what might be was returning. Bugger. This was supposed to be a quick blog. Now I "feel" I need to explain the "feel".

Its nothing magical. There are no sixth senses as claimed by some. Its simply, when you do something a real lot, you notice a real lot. As a routine becomes sort of robotic, you really notice a lot of small things that occur, until the point these things also become routine. And after 7 hours, I was learning today's fishes slant on the current conditions. It led me to revisit a spot overlooked by many, including myself. Simply to get a bit of current, as where the current currently ( ;) is, the rot mostly isnt. And it came good. We finally got into some fish. Some of quality also. So, by the time we came back in, Mackie had earned his tea, and I am in a much better frame of mind to take on tomorrows bookings. Thats "the feel" interrupted by eight days of gorging, laughing, drinking, gorging, laughing drinking... It wont happen again. Although... There is a canoe trip in Czech in July I quite fancy being on... Anyone want to cover for me?

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