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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 24th May 2019

First trot out this morning, with Jon, Ben and Andy, and we exited the marina, along with maybe 50 plus yachts. Some big regatta happening. This ruled out the close to the marina marks, so I took the decision, after checking east side, to head west. Wasnt such a bad call. May rot really not too bad considering we were close to the low tide, which is when it tends to congregate and compress the most.

Fish kind of agreed as well. Kind of... It started very well as I hooked a fish nudging 6lb early on. Then some quiet. Then a few fish, then some quiet. By the end of the three hours there was a fish for Jon's tea, the bigger one released, plus a further 7 smaller fish. And way too many missed takes for all of us. I was reasonably satisfied, compared to recent sailings

2nd sailing, and Tom, Rob, Jon and Jimmy were all on board. Friends forever, with the playing of instruments (as well as fishing) the common bond, we headed out into a very different sea. Gone was the flat calm of the first sailing. Instead, the wind had swung and freshened (I had already cancelled 3rd sailing as this was the forecast for the afternoon) ahead of time. Quite bouncy. I wasnt happy having expected the flattest seas for this sailing.

I headed west. Fish didnt really care about our discomfort though happily. Very first cast, just as he was about to lift the lure from the water, a fish of about 7.5lb appeared out of nowhere, and engulfed the HTO Mighty Minnow off the surface right next to the boat. A very impressive sight. And a very impressive fight... And it wasnt the only one. By the end of that session, the big girl returned, another just under 5lb in the fish box with three friends, that the guys all had a fish to take home for tea. Plus numerous others returned. And plenty missed. I would actually say GOOD bass fishing, perhaps for the first time this year. So of course, the 3rd sailng was cancelled...

Currently looking like Saturday 3rd sailing through the rest of the bank holiday weekend will be unsailable due to wind. But I am happy to take bookings for Tuesday and Wednesday if anyone fancies playing in my much cleaner (free of may rot) office? 07970 112774 if that sounds appealing...

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