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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 11th June 2019

First sailing, and out with Andy and Stuart. Both familiar with BIF1 and its eccentric skipper. I say eccentric. It might not be the correct descriptive. I dont wear weird clothes or stuff like that, as do some of my quite clearly eccentric friends. Indeed, one of those recently rode through Brighton naked bar a waistcoat and top hat... (respect Twydall...). In these cases, eccentric I feel is the correct descriptive. But one thing that you should be warned about if you find yourself boarding BIF1. Whatever crap is sitting in my head, tends to tumble out through my mouth without censorship. It includes some fishing related stuff though, and is designed to keep everyone fishing sharp in these days of low stocks. Some of it is not fishing related mind. Theories on life, the universe etc etc. That happens when fishing is slow. There was much theorising on first session.

Not that the fishing was actually slow. But the sizes were quite down. I was quite suprised to find a large part of the rod and line commercial fleet inshore on these close reefs. Did they know something I didnt? No. Its just, well... June. Those quality fish we were finding right up to last Saturday morning, seem an age away now. Replaced by lots of small fish. And small fish, attack shads a lot, but often do not hook up. Sharp tugs, that if you are not completely coiled ready to respond, are not connectable. Interesting, challenging fishing actually.

2nd session, and I had the pleasure of another Robin, a pair of Marks and a Tim onboard. It basically followed the same theme. There were table fish caught, but the 5lb plus fish, no sign. A very entertaining session though, as these guys bantered nicely. Lots of smiles. The way I like it onboard. And 3rd session, these guys again. On this session, I poked around a little east. And found what appears to be a very productive wrasse spot. Definitely a spot I will be focusing on in the near future. If this wind ever stops... But all in all, a very pleasant afternoon.

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