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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 9th July 2019

A very interesting day. A full boat for first sailing, and the fishing was dire. A real struggle. Just a few schoolies, and one that scraped through the legal limit for the table. I went pretty much everywhere, and although I found bass pretty much everywhere, they were distinctly doing their keeping their mouths shut thing. Chris, Garry, Jazz and Stuart did well to not throw their skipper overboard...

2nd sailing, with just Garry and Damo on board, and first drift a 3lb fish. Here we go I thought. But we didnt go much more than that. Lots of miles, lots of litres of fuel, and very few fish once more...

3rd sailing, Damo, Mark and Nick, who builds and sells the amazing Dingle Bobcat boats, were on board. And finally, I found the pulse of the fish. They were still happy to feed in deeper water, and we began to put a tally together. Mark, still buzzing from his 8.5lb fish last week, hooked and lost one that was almost certainly bigger. We never got to see it, despite crystal clear seas, but I suspect another double. We finished up in shallow, where we did manage a couple of missed takes on surface lures. A good session, to slightly compensate for two poor sessions...

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