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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 11th July 2019

Dawn at sea, is no different to dawn on the land. All the creatures are happy for the lack of people and people related activity. This is the time to see the dolphins in close, and that was our first fun of the day. Just Paul and Dave to enjoy the spectacle, I was initially concerned that they may have chased all the bass away. I need not have worried though. The fish were there. It took a good hour and a half into the session for it to happen though, as the fish, reluctant to feed on anything but Brit, needed the push of the ebb tide to get their appetite for larger things back.

A couple of mackerel, and a cuttle, accompanied a steady stream of fish and action. We finished with perhaps just shy of 20 bass, and both anglers had a fish each for the table. Back in, and Paul remained on board, while we swapped Dave for David, and another Paul and a Ross hopped on.

Straight back to the same spot. Fish were less already, although we managed a few. But then, with the tide slackened off, it became a struggle. Sporadic shoals gave sporadic action. Pretty tough really. But I think everyone enjoyed themselves, and there were still smiles although only mackerel in the fish hold.

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