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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 12th July 2019

Just the one sailing today, owing to the forecast. And the one sailing was a "Compass Homecare" staff day. I like when the guys from Compass are on board. "Caring" is a word that should rather set the standard when it comes to care support for either disabled, sick or elderly people. But from my families experience, attempting to get quality care for our elderly mother in her own home, the care bit is actually often missing, with the staff pressured to make x amount of visits to x amount of clients. That is why my good friend Luke set up Compass a year ago. Having worked in the industry, since he was just 16 years old, he also spotted that quite often, the pressures from the companies he worked for, meant there was no time allocation to actually care. So, he eventually set up Compass Homecare, not so much to make money, but to prove that a care company CAN make profit without sacrificing the actual care part of the product. I hope when I am infirm, Compass, or a company with the same ethic, is still around to look out for me.

Onto the actual fishing. It was a borderline sailing with a brisk Westerly breeze. But, with the water and air both warm, I decided to call it on. I did warn it would be splashy, and my warning was accurate. But all perfectly safe. The flip side of a swell, is it hampers the touchy feely techniques we use. But not enough to prevent success. Not lots of fish, but Luke and Atilla both were getting enough interest that it did not become boring. Including a cracker for Atilla. Mackerel were also quite prevalent during the sailing. So, it was a smiling couple of carers, slightly damp, that left BIF1 this morning.

Still got one lure and one fly space on Sunday afternoon. Some spaces Monday and Tuesday also, before the wind comes, and I get some shore leave. Also taking bookings for next Friday for bass on baits from the shore, as long as the forecast remains the same. 07970 112774 to reserve your space, from either shore or boat.

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