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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 22nd July to 27th July

Once again apologies for bundling up the blog into one entry. Despite dropping one sailing per day, I still struggle for life / work balance and when I am tired, the blog is perhaps the thing that suffers the most. Now I sit on a windy Sunday (not too upset... Lots of roasts to try in town...) attempting to recall all the memories of another busy week.

I think the overall theme of the current state of the fishing is TOO MANY FISH IN THE SEA!!... Go back to this time last year, and you will see we were suffering the same problem. So much brit in the water the bass quite literally just have to swim around with their mouth's open to get a feed. I made one journey of about 3 miles yesterday, and at no point was there a break in the food shoal. So, you can imagine, persuading a bass to feed is pretty difficult. finding the proverbial needle in the haystack often easier.

But not impossible. I have developed some techniques that focus on the instincts bass possess, the result of spending too much time alone with bass. If I got out more socially, perhaps the bass would get caught less often. All creatures, have triggers. Even humans. For example, no matter how happily married you are, when an attractive person of the opposite sex walks by, it is impossible not to look. That is a trigger. Happily bass trigger when they think something is escaping, and that is where these techniques focus.

Another thing I have noticed this past week, is the lack of cuttle fish. And with them, it seems the bigger bass (and the dolphins) have departed the inshore. Wont be for long though before they are back. A 2nd big velvet peel is imminent, and I am confident this will bring the bigger bass back into the rocks up close.

We manged a fly only trip this week also. With the fish in mega tough feeding mode, it took a while to work out how they wanted it. But by the end of the 3 hour session, the fish were quite happy to come and smash fly poppers off the surface. About as much fun as you can have with a fly rod.

Other noticeable events... I had one evening whole boat charter, man and wife. I already predicted to the man how the evening would go... Women listen to instruction well, and are loaded with pheromones. I wont put names, or numbers down, but simply say, the man got a total drubbing from his far less experienced wife. Me too, as it happens. If any university students are wondering what to do for their thesis, investigate this pheromone phenomenon plz... I will buy the first bottle of whatever you come up with. And shower in it daily...

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