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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 22nd August 2019

First sailing, and three generations of the male line of one fun family were my first customers. Grandad Craig, dad David, and lad Cody. And another instant gelling situation. Everyone keen as mustard, I headed to the land of the big girls. Conditions were nice, quite flat. And fish were feeding. Lots marking. The biggest difference between pre-wind and now, is that the fish have started to properly hit the lures again. I put this down to the brit now having grown bigger. To further add to the clues, we witnessed several times today, gulls snatching whiting that were attacking the brit. Could also be why the bass are hitting our shads harder, as they are less pre-occupied wth the wee things. And wow!! Surface feeding whiting. Looking forward to getting one on the fulling mill bass slider...

Lots of fish, lots of fun. Fish for the table. Plus mackerel. And another happy family trundling down the boardwalk, to be replaced by Jon, Peter, Mark and Phillips. As we exited the marina, it became apparent the sea conditions were much less calm, with a wind already pushing above what was forecast. But still well within safe limits, so we headed back to big girl land. No monsters, but more quality fish pushing over 5lb. The sea conditions continued to deteriorate, and several times I nearly called the all in. But it wasnt so threatening, and BIF1 is one hell of a well behaved boat in a big sea. I did have to limp in at about 15 knots, but at no point was there anything but lafter as several sprays were blown back in by the strong beam wind. Another fun session. Jon, Peter and Mark were aslo due out on the final sailing, but all agreed, a no sail was perhaps the best option.

Still a few spaces available over the weekend. Check out availability HERE

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