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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 23rd August 2019

First sailing and out with Charlie, Patrick, Jon and Robin... the third fishing Robin I know of since getting the boat. And it was a great session. We managed to tease a little more than 20 bass, with some quality fish among them. And another thing, is that the brit has grown a little bigger, and the big difference between before the wind and now, is the bass are hitting the lures quite a lot harder. Back to slamming takes and lure heads just peaking out of mouths. Mostly gone are the tiny plucks and outside lip hooks, with the multitude of drop offs that accompany the situation.

Fish of the session, and of the day, was one hooked by Jon. Although a very big fish (weighed aboard at 9.75) it fought like a bonito. Truly, it fought way outside the box. Huge screaming runs. Indeed, when it first hit, it sulked. Jon thought he had snagged and began jerking for a break. But snags dont move at all, and this was distinctly moving. And then it took off, and didnt slow for perhaps thirty yards. Each time Jon got it anywhere near the boat, it screamed off a great distance. Sometimes if just crash dived to the bottom. Everyone was relieved when i got the net under it, and yet another crash dive was arrested by mesh. Excellent to watch, and Jon is likely still beaming now.

2ns sailing, and Stephen who bought out Carl and Alex was back out again, this time with his lovely dad Mick (Sussex born and bred), and his delightful kids, Mille and Harry. Harry has fished on BIF1 before, but this was Millies first time. I think she liked it... Indeed, it was quite a crack from beginning to end. We started on the bass, and had a few. But then we needed to mix it up as the bassing was quite poor. Mackerel were extremely obliging everywhere on all sailings. Plaice we went for, and we did catch a few, but all quite small. Plus a bonus dab. A gurnard. which is a great fish to catch when kids are on board. Great stuff. Happy family. On a roll with these family sessions at the moment. Everyone seems to be loving them.

Final session,. and out with three die hards. David had returned, as had Mackie. And perhaps the die hardest of all my clients Mark. So die hard, that we actually intercepted Brigand Charters craft "Proteus" for himi to board at sea. Doesnt get much more die harder than that. He was rewarded with the biggest fish of the session, quickly followed by its twin. But, sadly, we didnt find one above around 3.5lb. Mackerel galore, which pleased Mackie as he was on a bait gathering mission. And a fair smattering of small bass. But the big girls, had taken the afternoon off.

Sold out now until Tuesday. But the forecast seems quite positive all through next week, so please do let me know if you would like to come and play - call, or sms 07970 112774 is the safest route to a reservation, although soon I am hoping to implement some technology to improve my booking system.

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