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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 24th August 2019 ... C.A.T. 1

Yes, we are back with this seasons Cod Accumulative total... but more about that later. Lets now talk about, the love boat... Because, amazingly, as I don't have couples aboard so often, I was skippering for two lovely couples on the early sailing!! Phil and Lisa, who I have met before, and Andrew, who I have met before, with his lovely partner Moira. Would pheromones win the day again?? Well, I keep saying, its a real thing...

Today was all a bit tough though in some respects. Well, perhaps not tough. But definitely not a big girl day. Or so many smaller ones, although everyone who wanted table fish took a bass each home. Mackerel plentiful. I guess I have gotten kind of used to the amazing fishing of the last few days. Huge jellyfish came to say hello. And slowly, the ladies trashed the guys, despite a brave effort by Andrew who fished and caught well, including small bream in his bass and mackerel catch, Phil and myself did less well, whilst Moira and Lisa kept bending rods. I would say, at the final whistle, the ladies may have had it, including the best fish of the session to Moira.

2nd sailing, and once more dad Paul, and grown lads Chris and Matt were out with us. The trip being Matt's final one as a single man, with marriage rapidly approaching. Joining them was new to BIF1, Daniel. Indeed, new to boats, and as a non-swimmer, suffering the slightest hint of anxiety. I think the lifejacket, and the safety briefing (especially knowing we have a spare boat on board) relaxed him. By the end of the trip, he most definitely liked boats, grinning ear to ear.

Another kind of ok one. Indeed, I was a little unhappy with it. But, having headed west, and briefed the crew that, there might be a chance of a cod with the bass, when that cod actualy turned up, it was me grinning from ear to ear as much as the captor, Chris. I am starting to believe that the multi coloured hat really does bring favour from Neptune. A lovely fish, perhaps 6lb, and BIF1 C.A.T. (Cod accumulative Total) = 1. A big relief, as I had high hopes for Spring fish earlier this year, but not a single one appeared. Also bass and plenty of mackerel.

Final sailing, and Tariq and his lad Ajlias joined uber regular Mark and new to BIF1 Jon. Unsure what to do, and with both Tariq and Jon with BBQ duties tomorrow, I headed East. Fishing frolics, picking them off one at a time, mackerel were acquired, Mark, sticking with the shad, duly found a few smallish bass. But big girls, none. I lingered until, with the tide well underway, I decided to head back west. Good call. Some really nice lively bass fishing was to be had. No big girls, but some quality fish to around 4lb. More mackerel to supplement.them. We went onto a cod mark, and found more bass. Hey ho. And then, the time was up, and with much blood to clean down, and 80 litres of fuel to ferry from Asda, a high speed run in. More big smiling faces, BBQ commitments all fulfilled. A good day. Lets see what kind of cod season we end up with. The numbers will be increasing daily, with the biggest numbers often in the middle of September. Fingers crossed the winds let us find out.

Wind looking to scupper Thursday and Friday this week. But forecast constantly changing. Keep an eye on Brighton Inshore Fishing facebook page, for the latest sailing updates.

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