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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 28th August 2019

Just one sailing as the wind then came to shut us down. Simon was back after staying in town overnight, and was joined by Tristan, Nick and Jon. After the good fishing the previous evening, I was quite bouyed up that we would be back on those same bass. But after spending the first half of the session for not a lot at all, I went back out to the rock marks. Still pretty tough, although happily Nick got one better one, which turned out to be his first ever lure caught bass. Hats off to him for that one, as it was tough. However, silver linings. Nick and Tristan work as tree surgeons, and are currently in fishing mecca Cornwall. I am quite sure that their catches in Cornwall will increase going forwards (they hadnt been catching so much) as a direct result of learning techniques on board.

Even the mackerel were less prolific on this sailing. And cooler. It would seem summer really didnt get going, and is surrendering to Autumn much earlier than usual. Certainly the wind patterns would suggest that. Not a bad thing though really. The seas were warmer than they should have been for longer than they should have been. lifted by that unprecedented warm spell back in February. Perhaps as the seas cool, the best of the fishing, which is usual at this time of year, will begin to kick in. Time will tell.

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